"Menstrual equity"

New York City to provide free tampons in schools, prisons and shelters

The New York City council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve measures that would provide menstrual sanitary products in a number of city-run facilities. Under the legislation, tampons and other feminine hygiene products will be provided free of charge in public schools, homeless shelters and in prisons. City council member Julissa Ferreras, known as the “period legislator,” introduced the bill because she said “periods have been stigmatized for too long.” Other “menstrual equity” supporters point to the need to help low-income and impoverished people who are disproportionately punished by having to pay for what amounts to a basic need. “Unlike toilet paper — which is freely available in public and school restrooms, funded by city budgets and viewed as essential to everyday health and sanitation — those living in poverty are left to access tampons and pads on their own,” one supporter noted. Overwhelmingly, sentiment for the measures was positive.

However, the measures haven’t become law just yet. They still need the signature of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who previously has indicated he’s a supporter, having said, “because tampons and pads aren’t luxuries — they’re necessities.”

Read the full story at the BBC.


Movement aims to make free tampons in public restrooms the standard

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