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Nicola Sturgeon says killing of Jo Cox will impact EU referendum

By WITW Staff on June 21, 2016

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon thinks the murder of Jo Cox is bound to impact the EU referendum and that voters will find the negative tone surrounding the issue increasingly distasteful.

In an interview with The Guardian, Sturgeon said:

“Obviously nobody knows whether the debate around the referendum had anything to do with what happened to Jo, but the sense that the debate had become a little bit poisonous and a little bit intolerant and focused on fear of foreigners as opposed to legitimate debate about immigration, I suspect what happened will have intensified those feelings.”

Sturgeon said she was let down by the referendum campaign’s extreme focus on immigration, accusing the leadership of those on the leave side of “exploiting and twisting” the public’s anxieties.

Scotland’s top female politician said she believes political leaders must set an example when it comes to the tone of the debate, but that doesn’t mean watering down their opinions.

“I didn’t know Jo at all, but everything that I’ve read about her in the past few days leads me to believe that the last thing she would want would be for us to stop being really passionate about political debate,” she told The Guardian.

Sturgeon is the first female First Minister of Scotland and the first woman to serve as leader of the Scottish National Party.

See her in discussion with Sir Harold Evans at the Women in the World London Summit:

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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