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Haley Fulop and her daughter. (Facebook)

Growing up

Mom’s post about “bittersweet” experience of daughter starting kindergarten goes viral

By WITW Staff on June 17, 2016

As New York City mom Haley Fulop dropped her 5-year-old girl at kindergarten for the first time, she heard another mom ask, “Where did the time go?” In a post made to Facebook group Upper East Side Mommas — a self-described “supportive network for mothers in Manhattan” — Fulop explained that she “knows where the time went. It’s been nearly five years of late nights, early mornings … it was being crushed, in the best way, by the biggest deepest love.”

Fulop ended her post by “wishing all you mammas the same peace as your kids move onto their next chapters — because you’re all doing a good job. Yes, really.” The “bittersweet” post, with its honest appreciation of the difficulties, and rewards, of being the parent of a young infant has since been liked over a thousand times.

Speaking with ABC News, Fulop said that the post was meant to encourage parents to enjoy the present moment, and to make the most of their time with their children. “All we can aspire to is to be the best we can and to be present, and we’ll be better at this some days than others,” Fulop said. “When we do that, the result is peace — not wistfulness — about the time behind you when you hit a milestone.”

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