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U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick prepares to take a picture of several hundred naked people in the center of the central French city of Lyon, September 12, 2005. (JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/AFP/Getty Images)

The art of politics

Call for nude women to pose during Republican Convention gets 1,500 volunteers

By WITW Staff on June 16, 2016

An artist’s call for women to voluntarily pose nude during the Republican National Convention has been met by an overwhelming response by more than 1,500 women, according to Esquire. Spencer Tunick, who has staged large-scale nude photographs outdoors in the past, is planning a shoot of 100 women on private property near the convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

“The response has been incredible,” Tunick told the magazine. “These women really are so brave.”

Tunick provided Esquire with some of the reasons women gave for wanting to participate, including standing up for reproductive rights, being seen, showing that immigrants deserve the opportunity to come to the U.S., embracing body shapes and sizes, standing up against Donald Trump and Republicans, and celebrating women’s uniqueness.

“I would love to be an example not only to my daughters but other women and children on how we will prevail and are worth more than what the eye can see,” one woman wrote.

“I would like to participate in this specifically because I’m not supposed to,” said another. “Today is my 47th birthday. That alone means, as far as society is concerned, I shouldn’t be nude outside the home. I’m also chubby ­ I’m 5-feet-three-inches tall and 170 pounds. I shouldn’t be naked, says America. I’m a married lady and no one should see me in the buff besides my husband and my doctor, says the world.”

Read the full story at Esquire.


Artist plans to photograph 100 naked women outside Republican National Convention