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A difficult choice

Terminally ill 5-year-old girl dies after choosing heaven over hospital

By WITW Staff on June 15, 2016

A terminally ill 5-year-old girl from Oregon died on Tuesday, after choosing not to receive medical interventions following her most recent setback. “Our sweet Julianna went to heaven today,” wrote the girl’s mother, Dr. Michelle Moon on a blog dedicated to her daughter. “I am stunned and heartbroken, but also thankful … God somehow entrusted me with this glorious child, and we got almost six years together.”

Julianna was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, an incurable neurodegenerative disease that took the use of her arms and legs and left her throat muscles too weak to swallow food before she turned 4 years old. Julianna’s mind, however, remained untouched by the disease, so last year Moon and her husband, Steve Snow, asked their daughter if she wanted to go to the hospital in the event of a potentially fatal complication. Given the choice, Julianna said she’d rather go to Heaven. “Don’t worry,” Julianna said. “God will take care of me.”

Julianna, who was in hospice for the last 18 months of her life, spent her free time wearing princess dresses, making up elaborate stories and games, doing arts and crafts and having her toenails painted. Her death, her mother said, was quick. “She got sick very suddenly and it was back to the same battle of helping her breathe,” said Moon. “She died at home, in her princess room and in my arms. I don’t know that she would have wanted it any other way.”

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