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(Photo credit: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)


Iran cleric says women dressing immodestly is causing the country’s rivers to dry up

By WITW Staff on June 14, 2016

A senior cleric in Iran said that women dressing in a Western style is causing the country’s rivers to run dry. Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, a member of the country’s senior clerical body responsible for appointing Iran’s Supreme Leader, made the comments as he called on the country’s government to do more to curb women’s immodest dressing, saying that it is “useless” to witness a sin and “only bicker about it.”

“The police force can use the [paramilitary] Hezbolloahi forces to carry out operations to root out vice,” he said.

He also asked the country’s Communications Ministry to work harder to dismantle and bring to justice any “networks” that encourage immodest dressing.

“My office has received photos of women next to the dry Zayandeh-rud River [the largest river in central Iran] pictured as if they are in Europe. It is these sorts of acts that cause the river to dry up even further,” Tabatabi-nejad said, according to ISNA News Agency.

The comments are part of a recent increase on restrictions and arrests for women’s dress code violations, including a crackdown on women showing themselves without wearing hijabs.

Read the full story at RT.


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