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Daughter of earlier female candidate for president supports Clinton

Patsy Mink (U.S. Congress)

Patsy Mink of Hawaii was the first woman of color elected to U.S. Congress. She also ran an abbreviated campaign for the presidency in 1972 and is one of the trailblazers featured in Hillary Clinton’s recently unveiled campaign video “History Made.”

The tear-jerking video debuted ahead of Clinton’s victory speech as the polls in California closed on Tuesday, giving her the delegates needed to clinch the nomination for president — the first time a woman has done so for one of the two major parties.

Writing for Motto, Mink’s daughter Gwendolyn shared her reaction to the video: “I don’t think I was alone in feeling verklempt — choked up with pride and delight that my party has nominated the first woman president.”

“History Made” highlighted the efforts of the suffragettes, women’s liberation movement, and women like Mink and Gloria Steinem.

Given how long it’s taken for a woman to (presumptively) receive the nomination, it’s surprising that it was all the way back in 1872 that first woman ran for president — Victoria Woodhull, a progressive candidate who shared a ticket with Fredrick Douglas.

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