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My Body Back

U.K.’s first maternity clinic for rape survivors to open next month in London

By WITW Staff on June 10, 2016

Pavan Amara, founder of the My Body Back Project and the U.K.’s first health clinic dedicated to victims of sexual violence, will open the U.K.’s first maternity clinic for rape survivors in London next month. Amara was herself raped as a teenager, and she said that the experience led her to avoid routine medical treatment for ten years. “I didn’t go to the GP because it reminded me of forensic testing,” she admitted. Hoping to help women who had been in a similar position, she launched the U.K.’s first clinic dedicated to sexual assault victims in August.

The clinic was a success, but soon Amara realized she was missing a key service — maternity care. “A lot of women…were worried that all these tests and this whole maternity experience would bring up what had happened in the past with the assault,” Amara told the Independent. “That was really, really unfair because there’s no reason why somebody who has done that to you should have control of your life so far down the line.” The new maternity clinic will allow women “to choose physically what positions they want to be in, the wording they want clinicians to use, exactly how they want the birth to be,” Amara said. “There will be psychology support as well, in case they do experience flashbacks during labor,” she added.

The maternity clinic officially opens next month, but women are already able to schedule appointments via e-mail or through the My Body Back Project website.

Read the full story at The Independent.


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