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Surprising no one, Obama endorses Hillary for president

Then-Senator Barack Obama and then-Senator Hillary Clinton react to the crowd as she endorses Obama in person and campaigns with him for the first time in the town of Unity, New Hampshire, back on June 27, 2008. President Obama returned the favor on Thursday, endorsing Clinton for president in the 2016 race (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

What a week it’s been for Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, she clinched the Democratic presidential nomination becoming the first woman in American history to become the presidential nominee for a major political party. And on Thursday afternoon, President Obama, not surprisingly, endorsed Clinton’s candidacy for president. What is there left to do, really? Oh, well, Bernie Sanders could concede the race and offer his endorsement. After all, he just met with President Obama on Thursday morning before the president gave Clinton his endorsement. So, he must be getting out of the race, right? Nope. Quite the contrary. After his meeting with Obama, Sanders spoke with reporters and vowed to continue his campaign. Anyway, watch Obama’s endorsement in the video below:

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