Stanford rape case

Brock Turner made other women feel “creeped out” at parties before the sexual assault

Brock Turner mug shot. (Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department)

Brock Allen Turner had made other women at Stanford University feel “creeped out” by his behavior at parties leading up to the sexual assault, according to court documents from the sentencing phase of the Stanford swimmer and convicted rapist’s court case. One woman said in the documents that she had to push Turner off of her after he suddenly grabbed and kissed her at a party the night the sexual assault occurred, saying it was “odd” because they hadn’t talked much and there had been no flirtation. He then tried to kiss her a second time later that night, put his hands on her waist, and she had to “move away from him,” according to an ABC News report on the documents.

A week before the assault took place, two women went to a frat party at which Turner was also in attendance. One woman told detectives that Turner started dancing with her and being flirtatious, and as she felt uncomfortable and began to turn away from him, he became “touchy” and put his hands on her waist, stomach, and upper thighs. She said he “creeped” her out. Prosecutors said that on the night of the assault it was “abundantly” clear that Turner was “on the prowl” to hook-up with women who were strangers to them.

Police also found evidence in Turner’s phone during the investigation that showed he frequently engaged in smoking marijuana, drinking, and talking about trying to find a “hook up.”

Read the full story at ABC News.


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