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Unsettling video emerges of a teenager being publicly caned for “lustful conduct”

Kiranti, an 18-year-old woman in Aceh, Indonesia, was publicly caned for "lusftul conduct," a violation of Sharia law. (Facebook)

A correspondent for ABC News Australia traveled to the Indonesian province of Aceh to document the recent increase in public canings happening there, and while reporting his story witnessed an 18-year-old woman who was publicly caned for violating Sharia law. The reporter, Adam Harvey, posted a brief clip of the woman’s caning on Facebook, which can be viewed below. In the complete video, the young woman, dressed head to toe in a white robe, is marched out onto a caning platform by law enforcement officials. Once there, she’s forced to kneel and is then lashed nine times with a stick by a man whose identity is concealed by hood, as a crowd, including many children among, looks on. The hooded man is known as Algojo, or “the executioner.”

Kiranti, the 18-year-old woman seen being caned in the video, had allegedly been discovered alone in her bedroom with a boy. Under Sharia law, such “lustful conduct” is considered adultery, and her punishment is one in a recent surge of canings as penalties for “moral offenses” since a new penal code was adopted last year. The code also allows for the caning of non-Muslims, a new wrinkle in the unforgiving Sharia interpretation that Islamic clerics have installed over the little more than a decade that’s passed since a tsunami left widespread destruction in Indonesia.

Six gamblers were also caned on the day that ABC cameras were rolling. The boy Kiranti was found alone with escaped caning because, officials said, he was too young to be subjected to corporal punishment in public.

“Her partner is under 18 and you can see that we’re not caning him,” a woman official proudly told Harvey. “We comply with child protection law.” Watch the full video below. In it, officials explain the philosophy behind the brutal form of punishment.


Read the full story at ABC News Australia.


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