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An overweight female commuter is reading an article entitled "Why I love my mom" on a late-evening New York City subway train.

Disturbing milestone

More than 40% of American women are now obese

By WITW Staff on June 8, 2016

Despite a decade of relatively slow growth in U.S. obesity rates across gender, an unexplained increase in obesity among women means now that more than four in 10 American women are classified as obese. The new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were reported Tuesday in articles published by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Only one in six Americans were obese in 1980. Today, even after a decade of relatively stagnant growth in obesity rates, 40 percent of American women and 35 percent of men are obese. Racial disparities have continued to persist in such figures. Fifty-seven percent of black women are obese, compared to 47 percent of Hispanic women, 38 percent of white women, and 12 percent of Asian women.

“It’s a really alarming figure, and it’s alarming that it’s continuing to go up despite government calls to action on weight loss and healthy eating,” explained Dana Hunnes, a dietician who treats obese patients at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. And while experts may speculate about why rates are increasing for women more so than for men — some have posited that more women are satisfied with a larger body size — Hunne says she doesn’t believe “anyone truly knows for sure.”

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