Latinas for Trump

Grassroots organization of Latina voters holds rally for Trump in Miami


Latinas for Trump, a grassroots organization that now boasts roughly 250 members, held its first rally in Miami on Tuesday night, providing a welcome distraction for the Republican presidential nominee as he combats new allegations of racism following an assertion that an American-born judge of Mexican descent was biased against him.

Denise Galvez, a Cuban-American public relations guru who founded the group, said she had voted for Rubio but was put in a bind after Rubio’s defeat in her home state of Florida. “At a recent event, I was talking with other women about politics,” Galvez recalled. “We were almost ashamed to admit we were all leaning toward Trump. We were talking about establishment politicians taking us for granted.”

Galvez and her girlfriends formed Latinas for Trump about a month ago, in part, she said, to encourage other Latinas who share their conservative views to support him more openly. A recent Fox News poll found Clinton leading 62 percent to 23 percent among Latino voters, but Galvez said that such polls don’t take into account the stigma against openly supporting Trump in the Latino community. In March, for instance, Arizona business owner Betty Rivas said she faced harassment after appearing on stage with Trump holding a campaign sign.

“We all don’t think he is racist,” said Galvez of Trump. “We actually think he is a respectable businessman. We actually agree with the things he proposes.”

Read the full story at Fox News.


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