Family affair

Woman filed gender discrimination complaint — against her twin sister

FILE -- Attorney General Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania. (Mark Makela/The New York Times)

A Pennsylvania woman filed a legal complaint alleging pay and gender discrimination against her boss. The unexpected twist here is that her boss happens to be her sister — her twin sister. And, her boss also happens to be Pennsylvania’s embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane. While these details might surprise some, those who have followed the saga surrounding Kane probably won’t be surprised at this turn of events. Kane is facing a trial later this year and not seeking re-election after her involvement in multiple scandals and charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, among others, were brought against her. In addition, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended her law license. Yes, she has a lot of problems, and now the person with whom she shared her mother’s uterus has reportedly given her another big one.

Ellen Granahan, Kane’s twin sister, has been working in the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office as one of Kane’s deputies. Granahan earns an annual salary of $88,509, but she alleged in an official complaint with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission that she earns 17 percent to 37 percent less than what the male deputies working under Kane earn. Granahan has been employed by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office since 2008 — five years prior to when Kane was sworn into the post. Moreover, in 2014, Kane gave Granahan a promotion that came with a 20 percent raise, a move that caught the state ethics commissioner’s attention and sparked an investigation. The commissioner said that the promotion was suspicious, but didn’t break any rules. Nevertheless, Granahan pursued the gender discrimination case against her twin sister and the complaint gave Kane’s office until last month to respond. It’s not clear at this point if that’s happened, but one thing we do know is that the atmosphere at their holiday family gathering this year promises to be very tense.

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