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Apple wants nothing to do with this game that simulates female orgasms

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In a move that could educate the befuddled everywhere, a new app aims to gamify female sexual stimulation. Players of the game La Petite Mort are presented with a series of on-screen vulvas, so highly pixelated they’re nearly unrecognizable, and advance by touching them in the right place and at the right pace. Success is based on an algorithm that simulates the way different organisms respond to stimuli. While the game can’t detect the pressure one uses to interact with the screen, it does interpret the placement and pace of a player’s swirls and taps, rewarding what feels “good” with lights that spread out and end with a pulsating finish.

Developed by Danish studio Lovable Hat Cult, the game aims to crack open a new market. “We have had a focus on expanding games as an artistic medium in general. We felt like erotic games was a very unexplored area,” the game’s designer Patrick Jarnfelt told the Guardian.

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Apple has deemed the game inappropriate for the App Store, but it is available for Android.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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