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Teacher who became pregnant with student’s child turns herself into authorities


A former eighth-grade teacher in Texas turned herself in to police on Wednesday after being accused of carrying on a nearly year-long sexual relationship with one of her students. The student was 13-years old when the two met and the alleged sexual abuse began, authorities said.

Investigators say Alexandria Vera, 24, confessed that she had sex with the student “on almost a daily basis” for the last nine months and that she was pregnant with his child, though she has since had an abortion. The student is now 14 years old. Vera, who faces sexual abuse charges that could land her in prison for 25 years to life, posted $100,000 bond and ignored reporters’ questions as she walked out of a county jailed on Wednesday, but court documents paint a portrait of what allegedly transpired over the last 9 months.

According to those documents, the flirtation between Vera and the student commenced on Instagram, and then escalated when the two exchanged phone numbers and began spending time together outside of the classroom. Police say Vera aborted the pregnancy after sexual abuse accusations were made against her by Child Protective Services. She was promptly fired by the school when the allegations came to light.

In a bizarre twist, police are now investigating the boy’s parents because, according to court documents, they apparently were aware of the relationship and approved of it. They allegedly invited Vera to take part in family functions and introduced her to people outside the family as their son’s “girlfriend.” The parents were even excited about the pregnancy. The district attorney’s office said the two could face charges for failing to report sexual abuse.

Vera claimed that she and the teenage boy are in love.

Read the full story at The New York Daily News.


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