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Senate race in California is being dominated by 2 top Democratic women

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) (R) greets Secretary of the Army John McHugh before a hearing in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

A California Senate race to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer has seen two top female Democrats emerge as the most likely winners, despite a field of a dozen Republican candidates. Prominent Republicans in the state are throwing their support behind Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez rather than the frontrunner, Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris, acknowledging that both have a better chance of winning in the state than a Republican candidate. And because California runs a system in which the top two finishers in the primary proceed to the runoff regardless of party affiliation, Harris and Sanchez may both end up running for the seat if they garner the most votes in the primary this month.

Harris has received the endorsement of Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown, but Sanchez, who was elected in the Republican stronghold of Orange County, is attracting the support of Republican donors and political action committees. Sanchez and Harris both have the most money to run, with Harris having raised $11 million and Sanchez raising $3.6 million so far. The Republican field trails at about $900,000 total, according to the report.

“It’s going to be a Democratic seat no matter what,” Reed Galen, deputy campaign manager for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006 campaign, told Bloomberg. Sanchez, he said, “would be the only legitimate option for the vast majority of Republicans.”

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