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‘Flip the script’

Hip-hop dancers in “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic,” troupe wear niqab and high-tops

May 31, 2016

Amirah Sackett wants to use her niqab to change the way Americans view Muslims. The Muslim-American choreographer, dancer, and teacher wears a face-covering head-scarf while performing modern dance with her dance group, We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic (WMDP). The group has been featured in music videos for rapper Brother Ali, and combines hip-hop with modern dance.

“I wanted to flip the script,” Sackett told Bust. “I wanted to educate others and reflect the beauty that I know and love in Muslim women. Yes, there are oppressed women in the Muslim world. Women are oppressed the world over. These are our mutual struggles.”


Sackett said she also hopes to empower Muslim-American women and girls who experience discrimination. At one performance, a young girl yelled out, “You are beautiful!” at the performers, then came on stage and hugged them after the dance was over.

“She had seen the image of her family and country and she loved it. She had so much pride,” Sackett said.

Read the full story at Bust.


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