The Week in Women: a waterskiing baby, female Twitter trolls, and Gillian Anderson as James Bond

Gillian Anderson in Bond mode.

Good news, math lovers: it was a very numerical week, with percentages, distances, and units of money dominating the headlines. Let’s get counting, shall we?

A new study by the think tank Demos suggests about 50 percent of  “misogynistic” posts on Twitter are written by women. Researchers monitored the prevalence of the words “whore” and “slut” as indicators of misogyny, and found that women were as likely as men to deploy gender-based abuse on Twitter. The scale of the harassment was also pretty daunting; the study tracked more than 200,000 aggressive tweets targeting 80,000 people around the world. Once again, in the face of miserable news, we find ourselves deferring to the wisdom of Tina Fey.

ISIS has started leveling new taxes and fines against women who do not adhere to strict dress codes. Women who do not cover their eyes, for instance, will be slapped with a $10 fee. Cloaks that are deemed too tight will incur a $25 fine, while failing to wear socks or gloves will result in a $30 penalty. These new measures are intended to help ISIS maintain a strong bottom line as Western airstrikes chip away at its territory. Although the extremist group continues to bring in an astonishing $56 million or so per month, its revenue has fallen almost 30 percent since last year.

X-Files star Gillian Anderson has put herself forward as a candidate for the lead of the next Bond film, tweeting an image that imagined her as 007. Fans are clearly on board with the idea; the image has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and has exceeded 24,000 likes. A woman has never taken on the titular role of the James Bond franchise, but with Daniel Craig ending his tenure as 007, the time is ripe for change. And while we’re on an X-Files kick, can we suggest the liver-eating Eugene Tooms as the next Bond villain? Still having nightmares about that dude.

A 6-month-old girl became one of the youngest humans to water ski when she rode 686 feet across Lake Silver in Florida (flanked by watchful adults, of course). Zyla St. Onge, who weighs 20 pounds and cannot yet walk, gripped a handlebar and stood on a pair of custom-made skis as she zipped over the water. Her dad, professional water skier Keith St. Onge, told the Associated Press that had the boat not reached the opposite shore, little Zyla “would have gone a lot longer.” Anticipating that his daughter’s sojourn across the lake might raise safety concerns, St. Onge also asserted that everything “was done properly.” After she successfully concluded her first stint on water skis, Zyla thanked an admiring crowd of onlookers by chewing on her fingers and dribbling onto her bathing suit.

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