Culture clash

Male doctor helping deliver woman’s baby shot by jealous husband in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Muhannad Al Zabn recovering in a Riyadh hospital after being shot by the husband of a female patient. (Twitter)

Childbirth can be an emotional and physically grueling experience — for the woman giving birth. In Saudi Arabia, however, a woman’s husband stole his wife’s baby thunder and allegedly proved himself unable to deal with the life-changing event with even a modicum of poise. He’s accused of having shot a male obstetrician who was assisting with the delivery at a hospital in Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh. The incident reportedly occurred last month when an irate man argued that a male obstetrician, Dr. Muhannad Al Zabn, should not be handling a birth and demanded a woman doctor replace him. The hospital did not replace Al Zabn, however, and the delivery apparently went fine.

It wasn’t until after the fact that the angry husband returned to the hospital and reportedly asked to speak with Al Zabn to thank him for safely delivering the baby. During the conversation, the jealous husband brandished a gun and shot Al Zabn. The obstetrician was rushed to the emergency room where he was treated, and a hospital spokesperson said that Al Zabn is now in stable condition. The husband was arrested by police, and according to reports, the incident sparked a debate on social media in Saudi Arabia about male doctors handling baby deliveries. Many on social media expressed sympathy for Al Zabn, but a significant number of people argued women obstetricians should always be used in baby deliveries in order to avoid clashes of culture.

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