ISIS is fining women $10 for showing their eyes


As the U.S. and other countries continue airstrikes on targets in Syria and Iraq, ISIS is losing territory — and with it population and resources. The map below, created by the IHS Conflict Monitor, offers a visual representation of how ISIS’s territory has changed by gains and losses between January 2015 and March of this year.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.47.09 PM

Despite those recent territorial losses, however, ISIS is still rolling in the cash — to the tune of about $56 million a month, according to the IHS. In order to keep a strong bottom line amid its population and land setbacks, ISIS has resorted to implementing new taxes and fines on the people who live within the borders of the so-called Islamic State. Women, a group that’s especially abused by the terror extremists (a fact that hasn’t prevented the group from somehow having a strange allure with some Western women), have been subjected to some of the new taxes and fines. For instance, ISIS will fine women $10 for showing their eyes. Women who wear a cloak that’s too tight will be hit with a $25 fine, and not wearing socks or gloves will cost them $30 in fines.

In a bizarre twist of sexism, men are actually fined double what women are fined for being found in possession of cigarettes. Men who are caught with a pack of smokes are slapped with a $46 dollar fine, while women are charged only $23. Smoking a cigarette comes with a fine of $25 for both genders. All of these seemingly arbitrary fines are bound to drive one to drink. But be careful not to enjoy a libation, because if you’re caught consuming alcoholic beverages, the punishment is a $50 fine along with 50 lashes. As one 16-year-old girl who was lucky enough to escape ISIS recently observed, living in the caliphate “was a really hard life.” Below is a complete list of taxes and fines ISIS has been levying on women and men for numerous types of infractions.ISIS Taxes and Fines


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