Clinton mobilizes Silicon Valley millennials by introducing them to mentors

Journalist Kara Swisher (L) conducts an interview with Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for LeadOn:Watermark's Silicon Valley Conference for Women)

While Bernie Sanders is generally perceived as more popular with millennial women than Hillary Clinton, millennials in the tech sector have been flooding to Clinton campaign events in Silicon Valley in order to network and meet mentors. Clinton has reached out extensively to Silicon Valley women by contacting tech executives such as Claire Lee, the head of early-stage banking at Silicon Valley Bank, for help fundraising and organizing. At Clinton events, young tech sector women can meet established successes such as Lee — who also runs a group called the League of Extraordinary Women — and make valuable connections within their industry. “[It’s] an opportunity to get mentorship and guidance,” said Schuyler Hudak, a media entrepreneur and former political consultant. “It’s great for women who want to be more engaged in politics and expand their professional network.”

Despite only having visited Silicon Valley three times, Bernie Sanders has nonetheless managed to secure a steady stream of donations from Internet company employees. With California’s primary two weeks away, Clinton’s campaign is hoping that women from Silicon Valley — of all ages — will help carry her to certain victory in the Democratic presidential primary.

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