Search effort

Spanish journalist covering rebel groups in Colombia missing since Saturday


A female journalist who had been reporting on news in a region of Colombia known for organized crime and left-wing rebel groups disappeared over the weekend and is now the subject of a massive government search. Spanish journalist Salud Hernandez, who had been working in the Catatumbo region for about 20 days and was set to depart on Saturday, was last seen in the town of El Tarra, arguing with an unidentified man, according to The Guardian. The National Liberation Army is active in the region, as well as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, and authorities including the mayor of El Tarra fear that Hernandez may have been kidnapped by left-wing rebels in the country. Hernandez, a dual Spanish-Colombian citizen, writes for Spain’s El Mundo newspaper as well as Colombia’s El Tiempo paper.  She was expected to fly back to Bogota on Saturday, where she has been based for more than 15 years.

The Colombian defense ministry said they were not yet able to confirm or deny whether Hernandez had been kidnapped. The government is currently in the last stages of a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces group, according to the report.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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