Robert Redford says he wants more women directing films

Robert Redford (Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Actor, Academy Award winning director, and founder of the Sundance Film Festival Robert Redford says there aren’t enough women directing films and he wants to help more “come to the front.”

In an interview with the Evening Standard ahead of Sundance London, Redford shared, “We are seeing a slow evolution and I’m optimistic. I think eventually we will see more women film-makers come to the front. That’s how it should be as women are playing a bigger role in society.”

Redford also pointed out the pervasive lack of minorities and women in film. “When we talk about diversity, it’s clear there’s an imbalance,” he said. He also noted that “a number of women have come through our labs [at Sundance].”

Of the 11 U.K. and international premieres at Sundance London, Tallulah starring Ellen Page, is the directorial debut of Sian Heder, a writer for Orange Is the New Black.

Read the full story at the Evening Standard.


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