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Mosul's Mahmur district, Iraq.  (Photo by Hemn Baban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
Mosul's Mahmur district, Iraq. (Photo by Hemn Baban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)


Christian girl burned to death by jihadis tells her parents to “forgive ISIS”

By WITW Staff on May 21, 2016

A 12-year-old Christian girl who died after her house in Mosul, northern Iraq, had been set ablaze by ISIS fighters reportedly told her family to “forgive ISIS” as she was dying.  Her mother said jihadis punished the family for not paying a religious tax on time, the Jaziya, which ISIS imposed on all non-Muslims in the territories they control. The jihadis arriving at their door told the mother to pay the Jaziya or leave right away, but when she asked them to wait for a few seconds as her daughter was in the shower they reportedly torched the place right away. While mother and daughter managed to escape the house, the 12-year-old girl suffered fourth-degree burns and passed away a few hour laters. “She rushed her to the hospital and her daughter died in her arms,” said human rights advocate Jacqueline Issac. “The last thing her daughter said was, ‘Forgive them.’”

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