“Get Back”

Watch: Girl, 10, rocks out onstage with Paul McCartney


Leila Harfuch Lacase is a huge Beatles fan who aspires to be a rock star when she grows up. Well, for one night, she was a rock star in front of 45,000 music fans. The 10-year-old girl attended a concert in La Plata, Buenos Aires, during Paul McCartney’s tour of Latin America. Leila showed up carrying a stuffed animal monkey and a couple of homemade signs — one of which read, “Sign my monkey” and the other, “I want to play bass with you.” At one point during the show, the 73-year-old Beatles legend spotted Leila and called her up on stage. McCartney signed her stuffed animal, and then Leila seized the moment. Leaning into McCartney’s microphone, she told the rocker she wanted to play bass on a song with the him, much to the audience’s delight. McCartney asked if she brought her bass with her. She hadn’t brought it, but suggested borrowing one from one of the band members. McCartney obliged and told the audience, “This could be interesting.” He chuckled and trepidatiously said, “OK, I didn’t see this coming.” The two then proceeded to rock out to the 1970 classic “Get Back” from the Beatles Let It Be album, at times singing into the same microphone together. Luckily, someone in the audience captured the whole thing on video and uploaded it to YouTube. Watch it above. The rock legend acknowledged the awesome moment with a photo posted on Twitter afterward.

And Leila had this to say about the once-in-a-lifetime experience: “I was very nervous, but they gave me the bass, my fingers stopped trembling because I know the song well, I still can’t believe it happened.” Total rock and roll fantasy.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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