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New startup wants to offer first Bluetooth-enabled tampon


Bluetooth technology may have started out in the realm of personal computing and cellphone service, but where it goes next could be way more personal. A new startup called my.Flow is seeking funding to develop the first Bluetooth-enabled tampon that would provide digital updates to users about when they need to change their tampons. The tampon is still in development, but is designed so that a 6-12 inch string attached to the tampon connects to a Bluetooth module, known as a “flow monitor” on the user’s waistband. The monitor sends updates to the user’s phone app.

According to the company’s website, the creators looked around at the current slew of period tracking applications available and wanted to provide better functionality to help rid women of the anxiety that comes with periods. The app attached to the tampon device will track how long the tampons take to fill up to help the user track when to change them. It will also display a cycle flow char and a calendar for tracking.

Read the full story at Gizmodo and at TrackmyFlow.com.


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