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NYC period pop-up shop fights stigma around menstruation

By WITW Staff on May 17, 2016

Sixty-eight million American women get their periods, but many in the U.S. still view menstruation as a taboo topic. Women continue to covertly pass each other tampons and whisper the p-word, as if experiencing something ladies have gone through since the beginning of humanity is also a source of shame. U by Kotex is hoping to fix this with its Period Projects initiative, which allows young women to bring their menstruation-related ideas to life. This past weekend, the company answered a Tumblr request by Fashion Institute of Technology sophomore Sarah Michelson for a brick-and-mortar period shop.

What’s in a period shop? The Period Shop, which was opened from May 13 to May 15 in New York City, was brimming with exactly what you’d need to survive that time of the month, including comfy clothes, beauty products, chocolate, and feminine hygiene products. (In case you missed it or weren’t anywhere near New York City over the weekend, you can shop for some of its products at It was also an encouraging space to have an open dialogue about menstruation. U by Kotex said the shop was “proof that change can be made about the way people think about, talk about, and shop for periods.” Oh, and 100% of The Period Shop’s proceeds will be donated to Susan’s Place, which “provides homeless women with housing support and a safe, supportive environment.” Who knows? Maybe this initiative will lead to some changes, including an increase in men who carry tampons for womena plethora of free feminine hygiene products in public restrooms, and, fingers crossed, an end to the tampon tax.

Read the full story at The Stir.


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