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Germany launches sex education site for migrants

In the wake of the coordinated sex assaults that rocked Cologne this past New Year’s Eve, German health officials have launched a sex ed site aimed at educating migrants on the cultural attitudes toward sex in their adoptive country. The site actually goes a lot further than that. Much of the content centers on educating readers on the etiquette and laws concerning sex in Germany, but a significant amount of the site is dedicated to explaining the nuts and bolts of anatomy, biological sexual function and the various ways in which to … well, get it on. The site — often in rather blunt terms — even walks readers through the ins and outs of pornography, proper hygiene, family planning, STDs, contraception, and relationship advice. Accompanying all of the text are illustrations depicting the various scenarios being covered in a given section, like the one you see below about a couple in bed discussing condom usage. The illustrations get much racier, too, with graphic instructions on how to perform various types of sex acts.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.51.40 PM

A screen shot of an illustration seen on Germany’s new sex education website.

Germany is well-known for its liberal outlook on sex and nudity, but the country’s health department believes that many of the migrants arriving there come from very conservative backgrounds and there are potential pitfalls amid a clash of cultures. But some have criticized that assumption as “racist” while others, particularly of the anti-migrant outlook, have seized on the site as a talking point for why immigration should be curbed. Norway implemented a similar program last year. Aimed at migrant men, the program there consisted of a series of classes that offered tips on how to relate to women in their new home country. Largely, though, according to The Washington Post, the site, which has been live since March, has won plaudits for being an accessible and informative resource on sex education. The only other aspect of it that some have taken issue with is its price tag: $136,000

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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