‘First Gentleman’

Hillary Clinton says Bill won’t be part of cabinet, but will help ‘revitalize the economy’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets the crowd during a campaign rally at La Gala May 16, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. MICHAEL MATHES/AFP/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton has been vague on what role, exactly, former President Bill Clinton would play in the White House if she were to win the election in November, but on Monday Clinton shook her head and mouthed the word “no” when asked if her husband would be in her official cabinet.  Clinton was asked two other times at a visit to a diner in Paducah, Kentucky, on Monday what duties her husband might take on — a question she ignored at points, and then answered by saying she would “expect him to get to work.” She also jokingly said he would be called the “First Gentleman.” On Sunday, Hillary said she would put Bill in charge of revitalizing the economy, saying, “he knows how to do it.” She said earlier this month she would ask the president to “come out of retirement” to join her administration.

A spokesman for the campaign on Monday said that the former president “has a lot of creativity and knowledge to bring to bear particularly when it comes to the economy,” though he said Hillary had not yet decided how the former president would contribute to her presidency.

“It would be getting ahead of oneself to talk about any sort of formalized role for anyone in your administration, which she has said many times with regard to vice presidential speculation and the like, but I think that her point has been time and again that as I said he has a lot to offer and it would be foolish not to use that in some capacity,” spokesman Nick Merrill said, according to ABC News.

Read the full story at ABC News.


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