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In defense of the stiletto: One writer’s plea to reconsider high-heeled history

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Have we really reached the end of the high-heeled era?

While recent headlines have proclaimed the death of the stiletto and its swift replacement with sneakers and flats — with famed stiletto-wearer Victoria Beckham even saying that she was done with the heeled shoe — a plea to return to the high-heeled ways of yore appeared this week in The New York Post. Writer Raquel Laneri, a Women in the World contributor, asks shoe-wearers of all stripes to reconsider the historic heel, noting that high heels have have been worn for centuries, including by Louis XIV who used the shoes to demonstrate that he was “ready to crush the enemies of the state at [his] feet.” The high heel commands respect and is imbued with sexual and financial empowerment, she argues.

“While I applaud women for chucking their torturous heels for practical flats, do they have to be so righteous about it?”Laneri laments.

Laneri argues that women should be the last to criticize one another’s shoe choices or to dismiss an entire class of shoe because they seem overly feminine, which can often lead to being thought of as irrelevant or unserious.

“So to hell with all the haters. I say keep your 4- or 5-inch spikes, and wear them, too — maybe just switch them with flats every once in a while,” she writes. And definitely don’t work long shifts waiting tables while wearing high-heels, as this woman can attest.

Read the full story at The New York Post.


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