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Jasmine Warren (Facebook).

Better than us

Woman seen on surveillance video bravely fighting off carjackers forgives them afterwards

By WITW Staff on May 13, 2016

An Atlanta woman who was seen on gas station surveillance footage fighting off a pair of carjackers says she forgives her attackers. Jasmine Warren was emerging from inside the gas station’s mini-mart last Saturday night when she was abruptly ambushed by two young men, one of them wielding a pistol. Watch the unbelievable video above, just released by Atlanta police on Thursday. At gunpoint, the attackers steal Warren’s purse and then proceed to violently punch and drag her as they try to get away with her vehicle. Warren, though, simply won’t let them, even hanging on as the carjacker in the driver’s seat tried to pull away with her black sedan. Onlookers watched the attack unfold, but no one intervened on Warren’s behalf.

Evidently, she didn’t need any help as the two attackers ended up aborting the attempted robbery and ran away, cowering. They clearly picked the wrong would-be victim, as a video montage Warren posted on her Facebook page of herself pumping iron indicates. The muscle she used against her assailants has also competed in bodybuilding contests, according to her Facebook page.

Even more impressive than Warren’s unparalleled self-defense skills is the message she had for the assailants afterwards. Speaking to a local TV station, she said, “I forgive them.” Why? They were young and scared, she said.

Jasmine Warren (Facebook).
Jasmine Warren. (Facebook)

“This young man came up to me with a gun in my face, and in that very instant, I knew I wanted to do something about it,” Warren said, recalling the harrowing incident. “I wasn’t going to let him try to take my stuff from me.” She said the attempted carjackers were clumsy, especially the gunman, who repeatedly told Warren he was going to shoot her. “They were just as scared as I was. When I looked at that little boy’s eyes he was just as scared as me,” she said. “Honestly, he was fumbling.”

Warren’s message for the attackers went well beyond forgiveness. She even offered them help to turn around their lives. “It’s up to you and I’m willing to help you make those changes,” she said in the interview. “It doesn’t make you a bad person. You’ve done something bad, but you can always be forgiven for it.” As of Friday morning, police are still searching for the suspects.

Read the full story at WXIA NBC 11.


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