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Dutch victim of childhood sex abuse suffering from PTSD allowed euthanasia

By WITW Staff on May 12, 2016

A Dutch woman who was sexually abused throughout her childhood and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder has been allowed to die by euthanasia. Her doctors claimed she was incurable. According to the Dutch Euthanasia Commission, which documented the case, the woman was in her twenties and had been repeatedly abused from when she was 5 years old until she was 15, causing her to develop severe mental disorders. She was completely bedridden, suffering from severe anorexia, chronic depression, suicidal mood swings, tendencies to self-harm, as well as hallucinations, obsessions and compulsions, according to the doctors’ report. While there had been a few signs of progress in previous years, her psychiatrist decided “there was no prospect or hope for her” and a medical doctor approved her request to terminate her life.

The woman was put to death using an injection of lethal drugs, according to the commission. The case has sparked a debate around euthanasia in the United Kingdom, with many condemning the decision. Labour MP Robert Flello claimed it “sends the message that if you are the victim of abuse, and as a result you get a mental illness, you are punished by being killed, that the punishment for the crime of being a victim is death.” Tory MP Fiona Bruce, chairman of the Parliamentary All-Party Pro-Life Group, said the woman’s death was a tragedy and proof that euthanasia should never become legal in Britain. “What this woman needed, at a desperate point in her young life, was help and support to overcome her problems, not the option of euthanasia,” she said.

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