Political upheaval

Dilma Rousseff blasts impeachment as “coup” and “farce”

Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff after the Brazilian Senate voted to impeach her for breaking budget laws. (REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

An indignant Dilma Rousseff, the first woman president of Brazil, on Thursday lashed out after the country’s senate voted to move forward with an impeachment trial, denouncing the vote as a “coup” and a “farce.” Rousseff, who is accused of illegally manipulating Brazil’s finances to mask the country’s deficit, addressed the media and supporters and was adamant that she had not committed any crimes and vowed to mount a legal battle against the “injustice.”

“I did not violate budgetary laws,” she declared on Thursday.

Still, her presidency has been suspended and vice president Michel Temer will assume the nation’s top office for the duration of Rousseff’s impeachment trial, which could last up to six months. The political upheaval is happening at an especially inconvenient time for Brazil, which is hosting the Summer Olympics in Rio in August, a global event for which Rousseff will now be suspended. Some in Rio think that Rousseff has been the target of a misogynist witch hunt.

Read the full story at the BBC.


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