Good vibrations

Cyborg artist feels earthquakes in her body as they happen



The woman featured in the above video is Moon Ribas, a 30-year-old avant-garde artist from Spain. The operative phrase in the preceding sentence is avant-garde. Ribas feels earthquakes in her arm as they’re occurring around the world. All of them. She feels the quakes’ vibrations almost all day, every day. “Anytime there’s an earthquake anywhere on the planet, I feel a vibration inside my arm,” she told Quartz. But Ribas wasn’t born with a special power. She considers herself a Cyborg, or someone who alters her body to reshape her mind.

Ribas had a tiny sensor that wirelessly interfaces with a seismograph implanted next to her elbow. Depending of the intensity of the earthquakes, the vibrations she feels are stronger or weaker. Ribas calls the phenomenon her “seismic sense,” and she uses the vibrations to influence her interpretative dance called, fittingly, “Waiting for Earthquakes.” Watch the video above to see Ribas dance and hear more about why she had the sensor implanted inside her body.

Read the full story at Quartz.


With men, it’s bodyhacking. With women, it’s narcissism


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