Orthodox mosque bans women from wearing trousers

(CHRIS YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images)

Controversial new Islamic guidelines for women, posted online by Green Lane Masjid, a mosque in Birmingham, England, are drawing fire from non-Muslims and moderate Muslims alike in the United Kingdom. The new “rules,” which have been endorsed by several other British orthodox mosques, prohibit women from wearing trousers or even venturing more than 45 miles from their house without a male chaperone. Another Mosque, Blackburn’s Central Masjid, has endorsed the new guidelines and also chimed in with warnings against the “dangers of Facebook,” which the mosque claims has “opened the doors for sin” to Muslim women and girls.

The guidelines have sparked outrage across Britain, including within the Islamic establishment. “These views are clearly outdated and reflect a patriarchal, narrow world view that is out of step with the rest of the Muslim world,” said Islamic Sharia Council of London scholar Khola Hasan.

“Some men of an older generation may find these freedoms hard to stomach,” she added, “but they will have to accept them.”

Many have called on the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to sever ties with the traditional mosques, but a spokesman for the organization said only that the MCB “does not dictate jurisprudential positions to its affiliates.”

Read the full story at Nine News.


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