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A woman blows a kiss to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

2016 madness

Women love Trump … and women loathe Trump

By WITW Staff on May 10, 2016

It just depends who you talk to.

To say presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is divisive is a sensational understatement. His entire campaign strategy seems to be based on the divide-and-conquer principle. And in no voting segment has that strategy been manifesting itself more clearly than with women. The Washington Post took a look at data from YouGov/Economist polls taken bi-weekly since January. Trump’s woman problem has been skyrocketing. The Post made two graphs, which you can see right here, that illustrate just how badly the problem has become for the billionaire candidate. Essentially, since January, the number of women who view Trump very unfavorably has risen about 15 percentage points. Among independent voters, the increase is even sharper, at about 20 percentage points. No doubt, many of the disparaging things Trump has said about women in recent weeks — never mind what he said years ago — have contributed to these dramatic increases.

A Muslim woman holds a poster during a protest against Donald Trump (KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)
A Muslim woman holds a poster during a protest against Donald Trump (KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)

But, as Emma Roller points out in a column for The New York Times, not all women loathe Trump. In fact, there’s a significant contingent that love Trump. These women think Trump has been portrayed inaccurately by the media, and that the media distort his messages. They think he’s not sexist — just an equal opportunity offender who eschews political correctness. Two of his more influential supporters are Linda Suhler, a retired microbiologist, and Amy Mek, a psychotherapist. Suhler’s Twitter account boasts more than 220,000 followers and Mek’s has more than 85,000. The two are voracious tweeters who post messages of support throughout the day, and retweet other Trump supporters’ tweets. “My belief has been that women’s rights is about treating men and women equally,” Mek told the Times. “Trump swings at men and women equally hard, but somehow if a woman is a Trump target, he is a misogynist.”

The idea that Trump is a misogynist is exactly the concept a Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton just hammered home in a new campaign ad released on Monday — and the people behind the devastating ad used Trump’s very own words to do it. Watch it below. The ad is a clear signal of what is still to come as the general election battle between Trump and Hillary Clinton unfolds over the summer and into the fall. Looking ahead, a series of new polls suggest the battle will be especially bitter given that the two are running neck and neck in three battleground states.

Read the full story at The New York Times and The Washington Post.


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