Women of the Wall

Jewish women’s group smuggles Torah into traditionally-male prayer service in daring protest


Women of the Wall, a Jewish women’s rights group that has long been petitioning for greater access to the Western Wall holy site in Jerusalem, staged its most daring protest yet this week when members held a priestly blessing at the wall despite a ruling from the attorney general last month that the women could not do the blessing during Passover.

According to the Jerusalem Post, on Monday morning the Women of the Wall smuggled a small Torah scroll into their designated women’s prayer section at the wall, which is kept separate from the men’s prayer section. The women are forbidden from having the Torah there and were approached by police officers to turn over the document, but the women surrounded it and prevented the police officers from reaching it.

About 100 women then proceeded to take part in a women’s “Birkat Cohanot,” a female version of the priestly blessing that is part of Passover and traditionally offered by men. The women filmed the service and posted video footage to its Twitter feed. Last month, the women said they would hold the blessing but were met with steep conservative opposition and were banned by the attorney general from doing so.

Read the full story at The Jerusalem Post.


Jewish women’s group banned from offering traditionally-male blessing at Western Wall

Women’s prayer group denied right to read Torah in women’s section of Western Wall

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