Indian house maid, 25, working in Saudi Arabia allegedly tortured to death by employer

Asima Khatoon's mother holds a photograph of her daughter

A 25-year-old woman from India who was working as a house maid for a family in Saudi Arabia died in recent days, and her family says her death was due to injuries she suffered at the hands of her employers. Asima Khatoon traveled to Saudi Arabia to work with a family for a four-month period, but in recent weeks had called home to her parents, they say, begging to be rescued.

Khatoon’s work visa had reportedly expired and the family she was working for had been keeping her illegally instead of letting her return to India, her parents said. And Khatoon’s family shared that in phone calls with their daughter, she described having been tortured by her employer. “She went there and she was assaulted there,” one relative said in an interview with News 18. “She was kept in a room, they did not feed her. She told me she has been tortured and she asked me to bring her back at any cost.”

Khatoon reportedly was hospitalized from undisclosed injuries her family members say she suffered at the hands of her employers and died while receiving treatment. The Indian foreign ministry has launched an inquiry with Saudi Arabia to uncover more details about Khatoon’s death.

The case echoes an incident that occurred last October in Saudi Arabia, a country where many from India go to find employment as domestic workers. In a fit of rage, a Saudi employer chopped off the hand of a 58-year-old India woman who was working as a maid for his family. The woman had been trying to escape torturous conditions in that case as well.

Just last week, Khatoon’s mother appeared on television pleading for help to rescue her daughter. Watch the video:

Read the full story at The Independent.


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