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Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi (2nd R) speaks to reporters as her lawyers hold a sign reading "a part is not guilty" in front of the Tokyo District Court on May 9, 2016.

Mixed verdict

“Vagina artist” found not guilty of obscenity in Japan, but still hit with fine

May 9, 2016

A court in Japan found an artist who makes kayaks in the shape of her vagina not guilty of obscenity on Monday, but guilty of distributing digital data of indecent material. Megumi Igarashi, an artist who works under the pseudonym “Rokudenashiko” (which translates to “good for nothing girl” in English) is famous for the kayaks she makes in the image of her own genitalia. Igarashi’s work has become so popular, in fact, that there is high demand for 3-D data of her vagina, which she sends to fans and those who donate to her so they can print out kayaks or other objects that look just like her nether region. This was the portion of the charges the court was unable to overlook.

Igarashi was found guilty of distributing digital data of indecent material. She was slapped with a fine of $3,700 dollars — about half of what prosecutors had sought. The court argued that her kayaks are “pop art” but the 3-D data she sends out could be used by people to print out a realistic shape that could sexually arouse them. Of course, this is the very epitome of a double standard, because Japan also happens to be home to an annual parade where women carry giant, very realistic-looking penis statues through the streets and revelers suck on penis-shaped lollipops.

Facebook/Rokude Nashiko
Facebook/Rokude Nashiko

Outside the courtroom following the verdict, Igarashi, who was briefly jailed after her arrest in 2014, told reporters that she was “completely innocent” and was “20 percent happy” with the outcome, but vowed to fight on. “I am of course indignant. I will appeal and continue to fight in court,” she said.

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Japan hosts an annual penis festival. So why is a Japanese woman on trial for her vagina art?