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Comedian Chelsea Handler creates new “innovative” talk show for Netflix

Chelsea Handler, the comedian and talk show host (Brinson+Banks/The New York Times)

Chelsea Handler, the comedian, author, and former host of the E! network’s Chelsea Lately, is creating a new late-night talk show to air on Netflix. Handler said she would eschew the classic talk show format for a more flexible form in which she goes out into the world, engaging directly with people and their stories. “I don’t want people turning it on and seeing the same thing,” she explained. “Monologue. First guest. Band. Da, da, da. I just can’t do it.”

Handler isn’t afraid of giving her opinion. Asked about her long-running hit, celebrity gossip show Chelsea Lately, she said, “It’s one-dimensional. And I was one-dimensional.” Questioned about how it felt to be a female host in a genre dominated by men, she responded by giving a scathing review of the work of other hosts, particularly Stephen Colbert, and then concluding that her gender was unimportant: “I don’t think of myself as a woman — I think of myself as a person.” And as for her frequent posting of partially nude photos of herself to social media, she said she would make no apologies. “If you don’t want to see my boobs,” she said, “you can unfollow me.”

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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