Blogger faces charges after claiming she survived terminal cancer by going gluten-free

An Australian blogger who claimed she survived terminal brain cancer by making diet and lifestyle changes is facing charges after it was revealed she never had cancer at all. Belle Gibson inspired thousands across the world with her claim that adopting a gluten- and sugar-free diet and undergoing alternative therapies, as opposed to conventional medicine, cured her cancer. Gibson, who also said she had cancer of the blood, spleen, uterus, and liver, published a book and launched an app on the false premise. But the blogger has now admitted her claims about having cancer were untrue, and it has reportedly become evident that funds from sales she pledged to donate to charity were not distributed.

In an interview with 60 Minutes after her cancer diagnosis was first revealed to be untrue, Gibson was unapologetic. She claimed she was wrongly diagnosed by a German alternative medical practitioner in 2009 and believed she had cancer until 2011 when a scan showed she was completely healthy. “Once I received the definite, ‘No, you do not have cancer,’ that was something I had to come to terms with,” said Gibson. “It was really traumatizing and I was feeling a huge amount of grief.”

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) is planning to prosecute Gibson for allegedly breaking consumer laws.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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