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Daily violence

Video of transgender woman facing abuse on NYC subway goes viral

By WITW Staff on May 5, 2016

A transgender woman who was verbally and physically abused by a woman on the New York City subway recorded the incident and shared the footage on Facebook and YouTube “to raise awareness about the daily violence trans people face.” Pearl Love said she took the video on April 28 while commuting to her job as an outreach social worker for Translatina Network. She said she was reading her book when the woman seen on the recording “just randomly started yelling profanities at me and saying racist things.”

In the video recorded on Love’s phone, the woman sitting across from Love can be heard calling her “garbage,” “a transvestite,” and berating her for “living in a man’s penis and body with women’s makeup on.” When the woman notices she’s being recorded, she tells Love, who is originally from Taiwan, “What you gon’ do? Send it to China? What the f— they gon’ do?” In the video’s final seconds, the woman delivers an escalating torrent of abuse before rising from her seat and slapping the phone from Love’s hand.

Love said the woman then “chased me around the train car and hit me, and before she left the train, she threw all the stuff in my bag on the floor.” One man helped her collect the items from her bag, she said, “but other than that, no one came to help me when I was being attacked.”

Read the full story at ABC News.


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