A rape and murder ignored in Indonesia sparks outrage

In early April, 14-year old Yuyun was allegedly gang raped by 14 men as she traveled home from school in the village of Kasiah Kasubun, Bengkulu province. Villagers found her lifeless, beaten body two days later with her hands bound. But, the brutal case was not covered much by local media outlets. It wasn’t until activist and musician Kartika Jahja learned about it in Jakarta that it began to get attention. She and her community launched a Twitter campaign #Nyala untuk Yuyun (Candles for Yuyun) which quickly spread across the network. Only then did national media begin reporting on the case.

It’s thought that 14 suspects carried out the attack. Of that number, 12 have been arrested. Seven of them are less than 18-years old.

“I hope this movement won’t stop in social media. We need to fight sexual violence offline and do everything we can, using the skills we have. Sexual violence is an emergency issue in Indonesia, but most people don’t care about it. We need to be together. If not, we won’t find the way out,” Kartika Jahja told the BBC.

Sexual violence is not normally discussed openly in Indonesia. Activists hope this case can act as a launching pad to open further conversations across the nation and spur it into action.

Read the full story at BBC News.

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