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Google honors 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs, famed New York community organizer

Jane Jacobs Google Doodle.

Google’s front page on Wednesday featured a “Doodle” in honor of the 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs, a self-taught author, journalist and community organizer from New York. Jacobs became famous for her community activism — which included resisting plans to overhaul her own neighborhood, Greenwich Village, as well as leading the push that canceled the Lower Manhattan Expressway, a highway that would have passed through (and destroyed) the historic New York City neighborhoods of SoHo and Little Italy. In 1961, she authored The Death and Life of Great American Cities, a critique of urban renewal plans that she said did not respect the needs of the people who lived there. “There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city,” Jacobs wrote. “People make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans.”

Learn more about Jacobs at Google.


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