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Trump’s “woman card” insult sparks rapidly successful brother-sister Kickstarter campaign

May 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton is an ace in the hole for a brother and sister from Iowa City, Iowa, who have raised more than $40,000 on Kickstarter in just a few days with “The Woman Card[s].” The deck of 13 cards featuring hand-drawn portraits of notable American women comes in response to Donald J. Trump’s recent accusation that Clinton is playing the “woman card” in her quest for the presidency.

“It was important to us that we had a deck that looked like the women who’ve shaped America,” 24-year old co-creator Zach Whals wrote of the project. He got the idea for the deck after a swirl of media attention around Trump’s comment and he enlisted the talents of his 21-year old sister Zebby, an illustrator. The two plan to release a full deck of 52 women in the future. The inaugural set features Clinton as the ace, Beyoncé as the queen, and of course, Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the king.

In the days since Trump’s comment, Clinton has used the concept of the “woman card” to rack up campaign donations.


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