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100-year-old runner breaks world record in 100-yard dash

On Saturday at the 122nd Penn Relays at Franklin Field in West Philadelphia, 100-year-old Ida Keeling broke the world record for the 100-yard dash in the 80 years and older age group. Training her for the event was her daughter, Shelly Keeling, who was waiting for her mom with a big hug at the finish line. Ida crossed the line in first place to raucous applause fans watching. Shelly says her mother began running late in life, after a family tragedy.

“I put her in a 5K race when she was 67 years old. Prior to that she had not run,” said Shelly. “Both my brothers had been murdered, so she was sinking very quickly, and I just picked her up one morning and said, ‘You’re coming with me,’ and I bought her an extra pair of sneakers and the rest is history.” After Keeling’s record-shattering race, she celebrated her tour-de-force performance by doing a few pushups on the infield turf. She’s amazing! Watch her do it in the video above, and pay attention to her words of wisdom, too.

Ida was also asked to give an explanation for her longevity, the secret to which, she explained, is quite simple. “Eat for nutrition not for taste,” Ida advised. “Do what you need to do, not what you want to do, and make sure you exercise at least once every day.”

Read the full story at CBS Philly.


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