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Daiana Pereira and Nicolly Pereira after Nicolly saw her mom for the first time (Facebook).


Watch a previously deaf and blind 2-year-old girl see her mom for the first time

April 29, 2016

The Huffington Post and Now This News bring us a tearjerking video showing a young girl from Brazil who was born deaf and blind, seeing her mother for the first time. Nicolly Pereira, 2, was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma shortly after she was born. Until just last month, she’d lived her life blind and deaf, unable to see or hear her mother, Daiana Pereira, 26. Doctors said Nicolly lived in totally darkness, unable to even see light. So Daiana brought little Nicolly from Brazil, where they live, to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami where the toddler underwent a series of surgeries last month. And cameras rolled as Nicolly looked upon her mother for the first time — an emotional and heartwarming moment. Watch it below

“The only word that can be used to describe the feeling is ‘God,'” Daiana told The Miami Herald. “My daughter is free now. She now shines more than before. She has now become a reference for people who didn’t believe in miracles.”

Blind Girl Sees Mom For First Time

Nicolly was born with a rare condition that filled her eye with fluid.

Posted by HuffPost on Thursday, April 28, 2016


Watch. Cry. Repeat.

And if you think a story of doctors curing a 2-year-old girl’s blindness is heartwarming, wait till you learn what it took to get Nicolly to Miami for the life-changing surgeries.

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