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Hillary Clinton sending supporters official woman card in exchange for donation

In what is an unusual case of life imitating parody, Hillary Clinton has emailed supporters offering to send them an official hot pink woman card. The idea, the latest twist in a most unorthodox campaign season, was inspired by the #womancard meme that went viral on Twitter this week after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump accused Clinton of “playing the woman card.” Many mocked the Trump’s assertion that such a thing as a woman card exits, and some enterprising people showed off their Photoshop wizardry by creating illustrations of woman cards that look just like credit cards and posted them on Twitter. One particularly realistic-looking illustration was accompanied by the tagline “To qualify for this card all you have to do is smile and look pretty!” Sensing a real opportunity after the #womancard hashtag surged to one of the top trends on Twitter this week, the Clinton campaign began sending out emails offering the cards, which congratulate holders for being “in the majority.” There is however a small catch: In order to acquire a woman card, a campaign donation is required.

Read the full story at Talking Points Memo.


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