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(photo via Fox 4 News)

School project

Movement in Georgia aims to end stigma against breastfeeding in public

By WITW Staff on April 28, 2016

Sophie Mumper, a high school senior from Decatur, Georgia, in the United States, has been posting “Breastfeeding Welcome” signs at restaurants across her hometown for her senior project. Mumper told FOX 5 she had approached dozens of restaurants, and that so far 10 had agreed to support her project aimed at destigmatizing public breastfeeding. “There’s no need to feel shame,” she said.

Mumper received the signs from the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition, an advocacy group, with national ties, for moms across the state. Restaurants that have agreed to participate say they want mothers with babies to know they can feed their kids without being judged by patrons or staff.

Laws regarding public breastfeeding vary state to state. In Georgia, it is legal to breastfeed anywhere in public, but the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition has said that legal repercussions are rarely enforced when mothers face backlash from establishments.

Many believe that breastfeeding should be done behind closed doors — Donald Trump, for instance, famously called a lawyer “disgusting” when she asked to pause a deposition to breastfeed her newborn child. Just last month, in Ohio, a mother claimed she was asked to leave a Pizza Hut after she began breastfeeding her child at the table.

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